The Amazing Race'15

ACM came up with an interesting event organised on 11th September 2015 named "THE AMAZING RACE"
For an engineer, it is ,mandatory to be an all-rounder in each field. So far, ACM has tested these engineers with their technical and non-technical events. Also the students had shown their great enthusiasm and interest in the competition.
In this event, we checked the overall personality of the students including technical, managerial and leadership skills. Event was conducted in 2 rounds: -
Round1 comprrises two isolated events named EMBARK and VIGYAFUN.
Round2 comprises six tasks where participants were racing among each other. People were rushing from one place to another to reach another location for completing next task. The tasks are as follows:
• Symphony
• 10Gram
• Maze Runner
• Hardwired
• Bugmaster
• Reckon