Glimps of School Connect  Activity

ACM-Women chapter successfully organised its first event “SCHOOL CONNECT” on 9th September 2016.
We organised this workshop in collaboration with “KDB Public School”. Under this workshop we had 5 modules. Each module dealt with different topic.
This workshop was a huge success under the guidance of “Ishita Jain” the chairperson of ACM-W chapter .
The event was coordinated by “Pradyuti” and “Priyanshi” who looked after the proper functionality of this workshop .
Each module had our members as instructors. The participants were of class 10th and 11th.Each module had a strength of 15 students and the duration of each module was 45 minutes .
Kriti Agarwal took a seminar on “In design Software” which enlightened students about the various software tools used for the purpose of designing.
Aayushi Gupta took a module on “Networking” which is the basis of the information technology.
Neha Saini and Aditi Dixit taught students the basics of JAVA programming language. This was highly informative for the students as the JAVA technology has now become a base of all the web development.
Priyanka and Deeksha explained about the basics of the most important language in computer science –‘C’.
Aishwarya and Deepikatook a session on the ‘Basics Of Web Designing using Html’.
The overall feedback of the students and the teachers of the school was amazing. The students were highly benefitted with this session and they wanted more of such sessions in the near future as well. The school authorities of KDB Public School have agreed to allow ACM-Women chapter to conduct such seminars in the future as well.
We hope that we will be able to organise such informative events in the near future as well.